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Jude's Cafe

Opening Hours

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 3pm.
Open on Monday’s during the public school holidays.
Located 1 Waterfront Drive, Riverside.
Inside the Tailrace Centre.
Want to make a booking?
Call: 6327 4538
Email: info@tailrace.com.au

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Low & Slow Grill Nights

Every Thursday at Jude’s

We’re open every Thursday night for our Low & Slow Grill Nights. $35pp for a platter of 3 meats, fries, slaw & pickles, with flatbread, dips & snacks to start.
Open from 5:30pm

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Date Night

We know it can be hard to go out on a date with your significant other once kids enter the picture. Baby sitters are expensive and you’re often anxiously checking your phone to make sure there’s no emergency.
At Date Night you get to enjoy a delicious multi-course meal and have adult conversations with your significant other or with a group of friends while we look after the kids in Kids Paradise.


$55 per person
Free Childcare (optional $5 kids meal)

The Menu:

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Bookings Essential:
Call 6327 4538

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