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Jude's Café is a social enterprise of Tailrace Community Church bringing health and well-being to young people through employment and belonging.

Together we can stop the climbing mental health rates of young people in our nation.

12 months ago, Jude’s Café was reborn and tasked with chasing one ambitious goal: end the mental health crisis amongst youth in our city. The mental health challenge is huge, but we are optimistic. We know how to solve the crisis and with the help of partners and supporters like you we can make progress every single day, one life at a time. If we work together, we believe we can change the future for young people.

Who Is Jude?

We are all a Jude.

We have all had a beautiful young friend who didn’t make it. Who couldn’t see beyond the darkness. Our hearts shatter and jar when we lose someone we love to mental ill health. We are all a Jude wanting every young person to know there is hope, there is love, and there is a good future. We all want to do more than like or share a social media post. We want to make a difference. With every meal you purchase, with every donation, and with every volunteer moment we all impact a young person’s life, changing the landscape of mental health in our city. As we all engage, we will see young people discovering who they are, their value, their future. We will see a community flourishing because the next generation of young people are living life.

Jude's Family

Tailrace Centre, Judes Café and Kids Paradise are all social enterprises of Tailrace Community Church.

Through these social enterprises we can employ young people, helping them with the economic contributors of mental health.
Tailrace Community Church is committed to helping people figure it out. Life is complex and we believe we are to be present and to walk with people through life.