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Lock Down Box (6 mains, 6 sides)

$168.00 $132.00

 Let's make Lockdown easy. 


Experiencing lockdown or have a friend in lockdown? This is the box for you! We want to make being in lockdown as easy and as stress free as possible which is why we've put together the Lockdown Box.

Filled with our 6 most popular mains and 6 side dishes, this box will provide 6 meals for 2 people (or 12 meals for 1 person!).

Each dish is frozen, so you can choose when to enjoy your meals. All you have to do is heat & eat! It's that simple! 

What's in the Box?

Our Lockdown Box is made up of our most popular 6 mains and includes 6 side dishes. This box will feed 2 people for 6 meals (or 1 person for 12!)

Each main dish is 750g which makes it the perfect meal to share between 2. Pair with the side dishes to bring the meal to the next level of deliciousness! 


6 mains 

1 x Butter Chicken (GF)

1 x Chicken Coconut Curry (GF,DF)

1 x Beef Brisket (GF,DF)

1 x Sweet & Sour Pork

1 x Coq au Vin (GF, DF)

1x Hungarian Beef Goulash (GF, DF)

6 Sides

2 x Roast Potato (Veg, GF, DF)

1 x Cauliflower Cheese (Veg)

2 x Roasted Root Vegetables (Veg, GF, DF)

1 x Steamed Broccoli (Veg, GF, DF)


Eating good has never been easier. 

Explore Meals 

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Just Heat & Eat 

Microwave Instructions

  • De-frost in fridge overnight.
  • Pop the lid but leave it on.
  • Place in 1100W microwave and heat for 4 mins
  • Gently stir and serve.

Add an Extra Side (or two!)

Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side Dishes

Side Dishes